Saturday, June 28, 2008

Making the best of our smoky skies!

I hope no one is experiencing any health problems caused by our out of control wildfires in Northern California. A customer told me last week that although she was feeling fine, she couldn't stand our smoky skies another minute. Staying cooped up in her house one more day was more than she could take so she decided to make a trip to Red Umbrella Consignment. Lucky for her, we'd just received about 200 new items - many summer tops, skirts, and dresses. She was looking for shoes and found 3 pairs, (all brand new)and several tops and shorts for her upcoming vacation to Hawaii. Another happy camper, or should I say, beachcomber?

If you're planning a vacation away or a staycation close to home, drop by Red Umbrella. We have a big selection of clothing and accessories right now. It seems that finding great summer apparel at fantastic prices is catching on, because we have been busy, busy, busy these past couple of months.

We'll continue to consign summer items for another month and will begin the transition to Fall on August 1st. Start sorting. I'll post tips for preparing your consignments tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meet Miss Sunshine!

In case you've wondered who the adorable young woman now working on Mondays is, I'd like to introduce you all to Jenn Newbold. What a doll! Apart from being my nephew's wife and the mother of their darling 16 month old son, Darin, Jenn is a bright,lovely young woman with a sweet disposition, a cool fashion sense and a great eye for design. With a degree in interior design, she brings a trained and artistic eye to displays and fashion. We're lucky to have her.

She's taken to the store like a duck to water. Next time you're in, introduce yourselves to her. We like each of our employees to get to know each of you.