Monday, November 12, 2007

Petaluma Unchained

I love this concept -"Petaluma Unchained"! As much as we've all grown used to the fact that chain stores are part of our lives, isn't it nice once in a while to break the chain, so to speak, and give our support to our local merchants and businesses. I, for one, plan to support this initiative which will take place on November 17th - that's next Saturday.

The Petaluma Independent Business Alliance (which is a part of the American Business Alliance) is working hard to get the word out. Let's keep our business in Petaluma on the 17th. Word has it that if we were to redirect only 10% of our shopping from chain stores to local business, that would infuse our local economy with over a million dollars in just a day. Hmmm. What would that look like if we did it every day?

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