Friday, February 6, 2009

Spotlight on Yves St. Laurent

I had the great pleasure of visiting the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco last weekend. What a spectacular display of eye candy by this iconic designer. Described as a virtuoso, visionary,and genius by many, whatever the moniker, he's truly an artist of the highest caliber and this exhibit rocked!

I was especially fond of the pieces that were reminiscent of particular artists in history like Mondrian and Picasso. This master couturier broke all the rules of fashion in his time - mixing bright candy colors, textures; incorporating his love of the natural world in his clothing, and introducing exotic elements drawn directly from his love of other cultures (Russia,Spain, China, Morocco).

Don't miss this show. It's a real treat and the museum is beautiful. The exhibit continues through early April. Open Tuesday - Sunday 9:30 - 5:15 and Fridays 9:30-8:45, closed on Mondays. Check out the website for details:

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