Friday, June 26, 2009

Back from Vacation!

I returned last week from two and a half fabulous weeks in Scotland and England. If you've never been to Scotland, I highly recommend it. It's eye candy to the nth degree! Around every corner is another gorgeous landscape. The sky is dramatic and ever changing. The hills are filled with lovely yellow Scottish broom and beautiful purple rhododendrons grow wild everywhere.

A real surprise was the number of consignment and "charity shops". We visited Scotland about 12 years ago and consignment was hardly heard of. Now there are entire blocks of streets dedicated to resale. "Frugal" is definitely the "new chic" since the global recession has hit hard in the UK. Not only were locals shopping in these well stocked shops, but tourists (like us) as well. We found a gorgeous cashmere sweater for about $6.00 and a never been used jacket for $10.

Clothing in general in the UK is very fashion forward. Lots of asymmetrical lines - long dresses and skirts are back - scarves and big jewelry are being worn by young and not so young alike.

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