Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clutter into Cash

Ready to tackle that messy, crowded closet?  Now that the weather is getting colder and keeping you indoors more often, what better time than the present to get organized? Here are some tips for cleaning up, clearing out, and cashing in.

Set aside a couple of hours (or more if you're the sentimental type who hates letting go of anything - even those 20 year old prom dresses).  Grab a cuppa joe, tea, or something of a stronger nature and...

Ready? Set? Gooooooo!

Separate everything into 4 piles - yes EVERYTHING.
Pile #1 - You love it, you wear it regularly and Dahling, you look maahhvelous in it.
Pile #2 - You like it, occassionally wear it (1 or 2 times a year) it's looks okay on you.
Pile #3 - You don't like it, doesn't fit now, never really did, don't know why you keep it, (it cost so much.. it was such a deal...)
Pile #4 - You're not sure - can't decide why to give it up, can't decide why to keep it.

Now what?  Is your closet empty?  It should be.  Have another cuppa.

Put everything in Pile #1 back in the closet and be happy you have things you love.
Pile #2 goes back in the closet as well with this caveat - if you don't wear it after 1 year goes by, it will likely be outdated, the wrong color or the wrong size next year.
Pile #3 gets the heave ho.  Fold it up, put it in a bag and off it goes to your local charity or if it's cool and current, take it to your favorite consignment shop, Red Umbrella Consignment.
Pile #4 is the tough one.  Go through each of your undecideds and ask yourself.  Will I really get use out of this piece, or can I cash in on it by consigning it. Keep those you know will work and launder/dryclean the others before you box or hang them ready for inspection at Red Umbrella.

P.S.  Keep a basket or a box on the floor of your closet to collect the items you intend to consign each season.  That makes separating them much easier.

Sit back, put your feet up and admire the clean closet that now has room for new pieces to love.

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